Have you ever calculated the cost of a bad sales hire?

Do you feel nervous walking into a meeting with stakeholders, VC's or investors?

Do your sales people struggle to understand and adapt to the startup environment?

Are you tired of being sent irrelevant sales candidates to interview?

Book a meeting to access the KinFitz & Co. Sales Talent Network and hire your next sales superstar and in the meantime calculate the costs of a bad sales hire.


KinFitz & Co. Methodology

KinFitz & Co. Sales Hiring Methodology 


A full company immersion, is where we invest time interviewing stakeholders, team members and understating your infrastructure, ultimately creating a detailed company and candidate profile, so we can become an extensions of your brand in the market.


Our candidate profiling is built on our commitment to formally assess and educate every candidate on how to succeed in a startup.


We hold regular candidate assessment and education days, inviting talented sales professionals to attend, learn and join the KinFitz & Co. Talent Network.  


This means we have access to a pool of fully assessed talent, so we only present you with a shortlist of culturally relevant and intrinsically motivated candidates to interview. 


This is where we pull all of this together; we fully manage the process, connecting you with only the right, pre-screened and assessed talent, so you save time and are able to focus on what you do best.


One bad sales hire could be the difference between success and failure for your business, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 


Book a Meeting today, and in the meantime download our eBook - The True Cost of a Bad Sales Hire TODAY for advice on how your next hire can boost everyone in your team.