• Lorraine Buckley

The Power of Sales Assessments for Recruitment

Every company wants to find good sales professionals. However, the problem is that employers tend to hire incompetent people to fill their positions. Often, candidates can successfully convince the interviewer that they are more than capable of carrying out a sales role. Unfortunately, in reality, many lack the skills necessary to succeed in this field.

Why Standard Interviews are Ineffective

It is easy for a candidate to give an impressive sales pitch in the interview by speaking confidently about their ability to carry out the role. Being a great interviewee doesn't necessarily equal a great employee. Unfortunately, when it comes to sales roles, in particular, candidates can very easily fool you.

Standard interviews allow people to answer a series of set questions, including generic questions that candidates can rehearse before the interview. But to recruit the ultimate sales team who are skilled and equipped with the characteristics required to increase sales and grow your company, designing an insightful sales hiring process helps you avoid guessing if your recruit was a good choice.

What Do Sales Assessments Involve?

Candidates are put to the test and asked to engage in a series of activities simulating real-life business scenarios, giving you an insight into whether your candidates possess the several skills and personality traits that make a good salesperson. Teamwork, sales negotiation, written communication, storytelling, and information analysis are among the several details tested in assessments.

Examples of Reasons Why Companies Fail at Hiring Sales Experts

Not many people are good at selling!

It's as simple as that. A good sales professional possesses a mixture of certain personality traits along with relevant experience. Employers shouldn't underestimate the skills required to succeed in sales roles. Talented salespeople make the job look easy when it involves a lot of hard work, persistence, and perseverance. Very few people have the personalities required to excel in a sales position, regularly beat targets, and build a strong client/customer base for the business.

[Usually] no academic qualifications are required.

Typically, sales roles do not require degrees or qualifications, and as a result, there may be large numbers of disinterested applicants looking to secure any job. A candidate can sit in an interview and claim to be an excellent sales representative but may not produce results in reality.

Being uninterested in the role means that employees are unlikely to follow up with prospects and give the career much energy. Finding great salespeople among a sea of inexperienced/underqualified candidates is not an easy task to endure.

The Importance of Sales Assessments

Sales Assessments provide your company with the opportunity to decide if a candidate can work efficiently in the role. They enable you to streamline the hiring process to avoid hiring the wrong employees. By making the wrong choice when hiring sales representatives, you risk weakening your business without even recognising, later adding to business costs when hiring and onboarding replacements.

The time invested in training and working with unqualified salespeople can cost your business a lot of money. Bad salespeople can also harm the productivity of other employees, leaving talented team members to pick up the pieces after these employees fail to meet targets too often.

The dilemma is that we cannot teach many of these bad hires to perform well, which harms your bottom line in several ways.

The solution is to stop hiring untalented salespeople!

The Main Benefits of Sales Assessments

1. Allows you to determine if your candidates are high performers by gaining a strong insight into whether they possess the skills and qualities necessary to sell your product or service.

2. Helps to recruit talented salespeople, leading to a higher ROI.

3. Reduce employee turnover.

4. Reduces hiring time enormously. In approximately 2 hours, candidates are narrowed down to a small selection of qualified salespeople.

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