• Ben Kinerman-Daltrey

The Importance of Great Salespeople in Early Startups

One bad sales hire can be the difference between success and failure.

The road to starting a company is uplifting and exciting. However, understanding the obstacles and difficulties that you may come across in your new business journey will ensure that you are ready for the unanticipated.

Nothing worth having comes easy, right? And making sure that your startup transforms into a successful company sure isn’t easy! There is a lot of hard work along the way, risks that need to be taken, ‘what ifs?’, ‘how’s?’ and ‘who’s?’. We are a mixture of excitement, fear, ideas, plans, and dreams.

So, you have a unique advantage to your rivals and you know where to set your company apart. You already know what sets you apart from your competition and you are confident in the ability of your product to excel. The next step - is to set apart YOUR PEOPLE!

According to Smallbiztrends, 23% of startups fail because they didn't hire the correct people.

There is an immense number of ambitious and talented job seekers out there, and sourcing the best candidate to fill your requirements can sometimes be a tedious task. Who is genuinely passionate about the role? Who is honest about their experience? Who is TOO experienced? How can I get through all of these applications? How do I narrow my choices down?

We believe that you need to ensure your sales team is uncompromised. Skilled salespeople will help your business to rocket!

Being granted a sales role in a company is often not the most difficult role to obtain, as often people possess the idea that they will be able to just “wing it” (If they learn about the product, why can’t they can sell it?) which is not usually the case. While securing the role is one thing – excelling at it is a different ball game!

The qualities and talent of a great salesperson should never be underestimated as these are qualities that are difficult to find collectively in one person. A good salesperson will only provide completely accurate information without misleading the customer. They understand people, and how to read and adapt to different personalities; they will explain to a customer how they can make their lives easier as opposed to boring them with details of the product features; they are not pushy, but are honest and trustworthy; they build relationships with people who become loyal customers to your company; they listen to other people and empathize.

Hiring the right sales professionals who believe in you as a startup and what you are offering to the world is mandatory in order for you to succeed. They are the face of your brand and will be the difference between failure and success.

Employers generally invest time and effort interviewing and profiling candidates to carry out specific roles in marketing, finance, and other departments; but will often overlook the skills required to carry out sales roles. Our sales professionals are just as important as candidates in other departments and are critical in determining where we will be in the future.

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