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The Beginning of KinFitz & Co.

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

The KinFitz & Co. Journey

Liam and I both began working in sales from a young age and decided to accelerate our career in this field upon learning that our passion lies in the sales industry. Liam moved to Dubai in 2015, securing a sales role for a leading online recruitment portal. Here, he gained vital insight into the world of recruitment while furthering his sales experience. After meeting several years ago in England, we reconnected when Liam joined a hypergrowth startup, where I also secured a role a couple of months later.

Spending four years in the region working together (both eventually being promoted to VP of Sales), Liam and I realized just how essential sales professionals are in a company and the difference good sales hires make for a business's growth. Together, we leveraged our experience working for a hypergrowth startup to create KinFitz & Co, which specializes in sales recruitment for startups and SME's and provides training to help sales professionals improve their skills. While building a solid team will aid company growth, a solid training structure is also mandatory to keep your talent motivated and knowledgeable on how to thrive in their role.


The KinFitz & Co. Sales Hiring Methodology

In a startup environment, you will inevitably face obstacles while trying to find your place in the market; and having a strong sales team with sufficient training is crucial to grow and succeed. Together, Liam and I have experienced the ups and downs that startups go through; and the detrimental effects of hiring the wrong sales team, especially in the early days when every team member needs to make a difference.

Liam felt that many recruiters didn't quite understand the specific skills needed to excel in a startup role. Sales professionals in startups require a unique skill set combined with the traditional skills of a talented sales professional. Upon learning the importance of sales professionals in startup roles, we designed KinFitz & Co. Sales Hiring Methodology focuses heavily on finding the most experienced sales professionals who also have the personality traits necessary to shine in a startup environment.

Startup environments differ immensely from the corporate world, and it is essential to hire staff who are adaptable to the fast-paced, transitional culture. Together, with our thorough knowledge of working with startups in the region along with our passion for helping other companies thrive, we are confident in our ability to find the best possible sales candidates with the same passion for your brand as you.

"This is what differentiates us from traditional recruitment companies. We have direct experience with startup environments that have a different culture from corporate. It is not just about the skills on the CV that lays in front of you, but also how innovative the person can be and adaptable to the fast-paced, transitional startup culture". – Liam


The KinFitz & Co. IISSC Sales Structure

Without a unified structure, you will have inconsistency in your messaging. It is essential to give your team a clear direction and provide them with adequate training. We have seen how having a solid training structure has a positive effect on employee motivation and success. Do you want to risk losing your best talent to a company that offers regular training and coaching, and in turn - boosts performance and morale? Did you know that high performing sales organizations are twice as likely to provide ongoing training as low-performing organizations?

Along with the KinFitz & Co. We created our Sales Hiring Methodology, the KinFitz & Co. IISSC Sales Structure, to ensure that your sales team learn the necessary skills required to be a great sales professional. This will be tailored to your company's infrastructure to invest time in understanding your company's goals and ambitions. We then dedicate our time to set up a training program based on your company goals.

As an accredited performance coach, sales professional, and startup enthusiast, I am confident in my ability to design a solid training structure based on your company's infrastructure.

Both Liam and I want to understand where your business ambitions lie and how we can accelerate your sales team to exceed company goals. You will be safe knowing that as your clients move down the funnel, the structure remains intact. You do not need to accept a slip in standards. So, create a structure, and see results change.

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