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Pre-Employment Assessments for Productive Hiring Decisions

Have you ever thought about what pre-employment assessments can do for your recruitment structure?

When focusing on winning the best talent, screening CV's and random interview answers alone are not practical. Candidates often add misleading descriptions on CV's and present inaccurate information throughout the physical interview process in an attempt to impress the recruiter. 75% of HR professionals who face challenges with recruiting state that there are skills gaps in candidates.

Alongside a very structured interview, utilizing pre-employment assessments to increase the quality of your hires is equally, if not more, beneficial.

Pre-Employment Tests & Assessments Explained

This is arguably the most objective means of predicting job performance along with company fit. The processes involve tests and questionnaires which evaluate candidates from a broad range of perspectives such as their cognitive ability, personality, critical thinking abilities, decision-making skills, motivation, to name a few of these tested elements.

Well-structured and scientifically proven tests serve as trustworthy and objective methods of assessing candidates, presenting concrete results. Recruiters will then be able to test results and make more beneficial and logical hiring decisions. There is a significant rise in this form of hiring each year with over 75% of The Times Best Companies and 80% of Fortune 500 firms using at least one type of psychometric testing.

You can implement numerous tests, and your testing requirements may alter depending on what you require from candidates across each department or field. For more experienced or senior roles, you might want to test cognitive ability and personality characteristics such as organization, leadership ability, and timeliness.

Although the types of tests that you implement may vary, ideally, they should be standardized - so that employers can effectively compare the scores of candidates. They should be accurate and trustworthy to provide a valid prediction of job performance and should be scientifically verified.

Reasons to Consider Utilizing Pre-Employment Testing & Assessment into your Hiring Structure

They Provide Objective Data

By applying this type to data to match the appropriate candidates, you will increase the overall productivity and effectiveness of employees. In contrast to physical interviews, pre-employment assessments enable you to test a broad range of relevant skills and personality characteristics. It provides you with an insight into several characteristics of the candidate, including cognitive abilities, critical thinking, industry knowledge, resilience, confidence, managerial skills, problem-solving approaches, communication, empathy, and so on.

They Help to Decrease Employee Retention

It is vital for organizations to retain employees and do their best to reduce employee turnover. Assessments and tests allow you to screen applicants more productively for expertise and character and predict whether a person is likely to remain in the role for a long period of time and blend in with the company culture. Companies that utilise pre-hire assessment tests report nearly a 40% lower turnover rate.

To see if candidates are an appropriate fit, things to be considered include the desire for knowledge, ambition, accountability, leadership, collaboration, curiosity, to list a few of the several factors that need to be analyzed. These abilities are very challenging to screen in a standard physical interview.

Implement a Structure, and See Results Change

Candidates who are unfit to fill the role will eventually end up underperforming when it comes to engagement and productivity levels, and therefore, are more inclined to resign.

57% of the Millennial workforce expect to leave the company that they work for within two years, while 40% will leave within a year.

The replacement of a bad hire can be costly and take up much of your time. Assessments and tests can substantially decrease these costs by giving you adequate data, helping you employ the correct people for the roles you wish to fill.

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