• Ben Kinerman-Daltrey

Cover Letter Tips

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

After you have tailored your CV to win the job, you will need to perfect a compelling cover letter which is perhaps more important than the CV itself. This is what the employer will read before deciding if they would like to proceed with your CV.

While the CV contains quick and purposeful bullet points and information, the cover letter gives you an opportunity to explain a bit more about who you are on a more personal level – which is particularly important when applying for startup roles where you will belong to a small team. With the CV, you want to keep it short, and so you may not get a full opportunity to express yourself. The cover letter will allow you to do this.

Avoid writing a long letter, but instead write 2-3 paragraphs, ensuring that you use this space to subtly convince the employer why they should keep reading.

Sell it

As a sales professional, you need to be able to “sell” your CV in order to win the job! A well-designed cover letter will help with this.

How do we keep the cover to the point, but interesting and relevant in 2-3 paragraphs?

When applying for larger corporations, it is arguably not a huge risk for them to hire one bad employee, because the other employees will essentially make up for it. However, with startup roles, innovation and creativity are crucial, and so you need to convince the founders how their goals correlate with you; and how your skills and knowledge can help them to grow. Mention how the idea of working for a startup excites you and some of the traits that you can bring to the table.

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