• Lorraine Buckley

Lack of Skill Versus The Wrong Mindset in Sales

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

It is a no brainer that the more talented salespeople there are on your team, the more profit your business will make.

Ideally, you want to hire salespeople who regularly meet their target. The reality, however, is that not all salespeople are great at their jobs. Each sales team member will bring a different level of potential, skill, and experience to the table. But regardless of varying levels of potential, skill, and experience -leaders should coach all salespeople to help them progress and perform to their full potential.

80% of deals are closed by the top 20% of your salespeople. This reality of the 80-20 performance, where roughly 20% of sales reps close 80% of sales, is worrying.

How do you equip your sales team to become high performers?

Below are a few of our coaching tips.

Prioritize the time [And Ensure it is the Right Time]

There are two basic types of leadership that every working person will have experienced at some point in their career.

  1. Micromanagement. Sales leaders may delegate tasks to junior sales reps or watch their performance closely.

  2. The Immediate Trust Approach. Sales leaders may step back and allow sales reps to make mistakes and learn from their failures.

A more practical approach is to find the best opportunities for coaching. We don't have to wait until a sales rep doesn't meet their target to consider coaching. Coaching is always hugely beneficial!

Coach your team when:

  • They exceed high targets to reinforce the great work. Motivate them to continue on the same path.

  • They don't make targets. Reflect on what went wrong, offer suggestions for improvement, understand what could be different.

  • Their sales techniques are questionable. Example: Dishonesty with clients for quick wins.

Encourage Team to Adopt a Mindset for Sales Success

Your mindset is your group of thoughts and ideas that together frame your thought habits. Your thought habits influence the way you think, your feelings, and the actions you take.

80% of a sales professional's success comes down to mindset.

Sales leaders providing their teams with general advice and tips isn't quite enough. Managers need to prioritize spending time with the team and help them to adopt the correct mindset for sales success. Expert salespeople not only understand intelligent sales processes but are also heavily focused on building long-term clients and are excellent relationship builders.

Build a Great Coaching Structure

What do you coach? And how do you coach?

Like any processes put in place, such as those for recruitment or onboarding - it is essential to build a strong coaching structure into your sales department with regular scheduled and thought out sessions.

Putting a good structure in place, whether that means hiring sales coaches externally or building a structure in-house, could be the difference between sales reps adopting a high-performance mentality or not.

Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. - John Whitmore

Keep it Going [It's Not Over - Ever]

When you attend a training program to upskill at work, it comes to an end after a couple of weeks, and you finish off with a certification of completion. Coaching, however, is continuous. Your top-performing sales reps and your worst performing sales reps will benefit from coaching. High-performing humans never stop seeking ways to improve. Leaders who think like this will grow their sales teams into champions.

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