• Ben Kinerman-Daltrey

Why is adaptability so vital in sales and startups?

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I received an in-mail from Linkedin’s learning team this morning. “the average shelf life of skills is less than 5 years? It is critical that organizations invest in talent development and help employees keep their skills current.” 

This got me thinking and took me back to early 2019 when sat in a room full of successful business owners alongside my mentor. 

The big takeaway from that day was, "Adaptability was going to be THE MOST important skill to develop throughout the year”

If every skill we learn belongs on a shelf after five years, we need to keep pushing adaptability as the only way we can guard against becoming stale.

In a world where exponential growth within the Technology sector impacts our lives every day and businesses lives alike, the only way to keep adding value to your team and company is to be able to change and reinvent yourself daily.

To me, adaptability in sales is around mindset. We have to be humble enough to accept feedback and coaching, hungry enough to seek new ways of working and flexible enough to change daily. If you want to learn more about how to develop a winning mindset for sales, connect with me on Linkedin or drop an email with the subject line "mindset" to

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