• Lorraine Buckley

5 Bad Sales Habits Keeping you From Success

1. Putting the Blame on your Prospect, your Manager, or your Service/Product

Taking accountability is more challenging for some than others, and many people look to their surroundings for blame before assessing their performance. While often, there is an external factor, we should always evaluate our own behaviours too.

Try this: Take responsibility for the unsuccessful moments. This will set you on the path to success as you will continuously seek new ways of achieving positive results. Your prospect may be rude, and your boss might be demanding, but how can you act constructively in this case?

Try to find ways to focus on your own career growth and success, whether that means continuing to do your best in your current role to allow you to apply for an even more qualified one later, or organising a meeting with leaders to discuss your concerns.

2. Talking About Yourself too Much

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is essential in a sales career as it helps you succeed in so many ways, and that's with everything you do in life. However, when you go over the line and the conversation isn't split between both parties, it doesn't look good or make the other person feel heard.

In sales, listening to your client is the most important thing that you do, because after you have learnt more about them, you can offer solutions to their problems with your product or service.

Try this:

  1. Pay attention to the client.

  2. Ask open questions.

  3. Listen and reconfirm.

  4. Display positive body language to show the client that you are interested in them.

3. Being too Nervous/Stressed to Go After Bigger Deals

Have you ever heard the saying, "you have to be in to win"? While you shouldn't always jump into unpredictable situations in sales, you should also try your best not to be fearful either. Not every prospect will be warm and friendly - but may have a huge need for your product and could become a lifelong customer. If you think the prospect is worth reaching out to, don't be afraid.

Try this: Know your product inside out. There is no need to avoid those who might make you feel intimidated. If you think the prospect will ask endless questions, being an expert in your field will allow you to answer anything thrown your way. Welcome client criticisms and doubts. Treat every rejection as a means to learn and grow.

Think about how would you approach the situation differently next time. Maybe the prospect annoyed you by asking you in debt questions that you couldn't answer. Learn how to answer the question perfectly the next time. Learn as much as you can about your industry and product.

4. Not Staying Relaxed While Pitching [Trying too Hard to Close the Deal Now]

If your mind is calm, you can focus better. Remember to give the prospect time and reassure them that they can contact you later with more questions, or concerns.

Try this:

  1. Stay alert, and learn how to identify and grab opportunities.

  2. Keep a note of the client's pain points, pairing needs with the features of your product.

  3. Follow up with your prospect later instead of rushing and jumping at a sale like it's now or never.

Nervousness and coming across as pushy will be unlikely to lead to a conversion.

5. You Quit too Easily and Allow Rejection to Bring you Down

Sales is a challenging field to work in. For every ten prospects, you may get one person who shows interest in having a conversation, especially in B2B sales. You cannot allow the nine rejections to affect you. Very few people become great sales superstars and one of the reasons is down to a lack of resilience.

Try this: Don't take rejection personally, and accept it as part of the job. Try to use rejection as a way to learn and find new selling techniques. Working in sales requires persistence, resilience and perseverance.

Changing your behaviour is a constant theme in not only sales books but all across self-help literature. Transforming the attitudes that hold us back is usually a lot simpler than trying to change the external surroundings out of our control.

Good habits lead to success. Learn to break negative habits and perform better as a sales professional.

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