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I want to help startups find sales talent and sales talent to find start-ups.


My years of experience in the startup world required me to identify, interview, hire and motivate a large number of talented sales people, so I understand the frustrations and challenges of finding the right people in a high-pressure environment.

Immersing myself in your business, I will be able to provide you with the talent that will take your company to the next level. 


If you are a talented sales professional,

I want to help you find a company that will change your life and provide the springboard for you to achieve greatness that you rarely find in the corporate world.

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Throughout my years in startups, I have flourished when coaching and training salespeople to become better every day.


As you scale, growing pains are natural so a solid sales team that pushes their limits is imperative to succeed. I want to understand where your business ambitions lie and how I can accelerate your sales team to exceed company goals.

I have hired sales talent that have moved onto bigger and better roles in their business and have also become a talent in other functions.


I know how to succeed in startups and want to coach and train your team to become the most revered sales force in the region.